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 attack with light & love

filmmaker & visual artist

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Filmmaking is a collaborative medium, and I thrive on that energy. I want to hear your music. I want to see your ideas. If it resonates with me, let’s create something special for you. I like to find that organic sync.


Image by RAD

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Live visual reel

Photo by Andy P. Photography 

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 “Blazinspace let me fly the lightship around for a few joy rides last night at Look Up Records fest. So much fun! They are very very good at what they do and makes it look easy, I promise you it is not.

I don’t think people realize how much work goes into these visual performances. it is such a special thing that they bring to these events. It’s the equivalent of a super high budget production every outing, making these local shows something you won’t see anywhere else.

Go see Blazinspace every chance you can, the shows are constantly evolving” 

Carlos Tulloss 

Astral Media Lab

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upcoming shows


Photo by Tyler Hill

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She Lives on the Astral Plane

Director | Editor

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Little Black Dress

Director | Editor





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Welcome to heaven

Writer | Director

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Patrick galactic

Director | Editor

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Photo by Andrew Imanaka