Live Visuals

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I use a combination of my own filmmaking work and visual animations, movies, collaborations with other illustrators, and really anything you have in mind on top of that.  I like a challenge. I can work a more limited style, or to go all out. Send me your logo, send me your videos and ideas; during your set that venue is your galaxy.

I VJ with Resolume on a laptop + machine set up, usually with at least 2 projectors.  

Creating Live Visuals, or “Video Jockey-ing” is one of my favorite things to do.  I love entering new venues and revisiting spaces; problem solving to make it work, and using projection mapping to elevate the space.  

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Upcoming shows

Afrocop Live At Parliament.jpg

 Afrocop at Parliament Tavern, West Seattle, 2018


 Gems at Vermillion, Seattle, 2018


Patrick Galactic at The Sunset, 2017